Gym and Clubhouse Closure Due To COVID-19
The CDC and other Federal, State and Local authorities have urged closure of all commonly used recreational facilities such as gyms and clubhouses, in an effort to arrest the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Recently, CMA,our management agent, has recommended that all of the HOAs that it manages should close their gyms and clubhouses.  Our attorneys have recommended that we close our gym and clubhouse.  Your Board has this emergency authority under Article 4, Section 4.1(g) of our Declaration of Covenants.  Our Board has decided that this is such an emergency and that we must all do our part to maintain social distance and thereby halt the spread of COVID-19.  Accordingly, our Board has decided to close our gym and clubhouse effective immediately.  Access cards will no longer work as of Noon Friday, March 20th.  Please stay safe and practice social distancing.

Your Glenridge Heights Homeowners' Association
Blasting Near Glenridge Heights
As you know, construction of the sound wall behind our Northam homes is well underway.

We have been advised that the prime contractor for this project, North Perimeter Contractors, LLC (NPC), is planning to remove rock along I-285 to facilitate construction of an additional lane and a retaining wall.  We have been further advised that the rock will be removed through controlled blasting.  The constrolled blasting will take place approximately 60-70 feet away from Glenridge Heights and closer to I-285.  The blasting is set to begin at the end of Q1 2020 or the beginning of Q2 2020.